Royal doulton bathroom suppliers

Royal Doulton bathroom suites and accessories have long been associated with the highest levels of design and quality.  Royal Doulton china sinks, taps, toilets and accessories are all have the unique look and feel that Royal Doulton have become famous for in their plates and figurines.

Royal Doulton toiletRoyal Doulton toilet

Unfortunately Royal Doulton bathroom suites and fittings are becoming increasingly difficult to find.  There is no mention of their bathroom heritage on their official website, with only a few Royal Doulton bathroom beakers being made available.  However there are many salvage companies, auction and trading sites where you can still grab a classic Royal Doulton basin or toilet.

A Royal Doulton sink with built in soap holder and matching taps is an absolute classic and will define a classic bathroom design.  Even their toilets hand a quality and classic design that stands them apart from other bathroom suppliers.  So whether you are trying to add the classic look to your country cottage bathroom or just trying to get that extra Royal Doulton fixture to complete your bathroom suite, we hope the links and information available here will help complete your Royal Doulton Bathroom design.


Royal doulton bathroom suppliers

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